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Posted 12/13/2018

Upcoming Password Security Changes

Within a few days, passwords will no longer be visible in your CAA products. For example, passwords will not be displayed on the Profile screens.

These changes are mandated by recent government and international privacy regulations. CAA will comply and encrypt passwords before storing them in any database. Passwords used with any CAA product will be absolutely secure and will not be transmitted or displayed anywhere in a readable format.

- This means MemberLink administrators will not be able to see any other person's password. If a person calls and says they forgot their password, you will not be able to provide it to them. There would be no way for anyone to determine what the old password was, since no one can see it.

- To overcome this issue, CAA is strengthening our "Forgot My Password" procedure. When people forget their password, they will be able to request a "reset" and get a new one. The system will email them a link to a screen where they can get a new password.

- If two or more people share the same email address, there will be accommodations to handle that securely as well. If a person does not have an email address, there will also be a process for them to be able to reset the password to something new.

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